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New Castle County Parents as Teachers Mom Is a True Inspiration to Us All!

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Christine Stoops, the statewide co-state leader for Parents as Teachers, had a conversation with TaLisha Grzyb — a Parents as Teachers mom, an author, and a disability influencer — that she shared below. Ms. Grzyb is excited to share her message on as many platforms as possible.

Talisha GrzybTaLisha Grzyb has three sons under the age of 4, has written four children’s books, and holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair Delaware. She wrote her first book, “Rolling Through Life with Mommy,” for her sons, because she knew they would ask questions about why she is in a wheelchair. She knows that children learn best through books and play. Friends and family members encouraged her to publish the books, because others may benefit from them. Her other books include “Rolling Through Life with Mommy: Christmas Holiday”; “Rolling Through Life with Mommy: The Beauty Pageant”; and her most recent release, “Rolling Through Life with Mommy: The COVID-19 Virus.” Through these books, she emphasizes that the only thing she is unable to do is walk. She and her husband work together to parent their children and teach them to be sensitive and helpful to others. Ms. Grzyb uses her YouTube channel, “Rolling Through Life with TaLisha,” and various public speaking engagements as Ms. Wheelchair Delaware to motivate others to persevere despite challenges.

Ms. Grzyb has been involved in the Parents as Teachers program since March 2020 with her younger son. She enjoys the guidance around developmental milestones and the activities to support learning. She is thankful for her parent educator, Noelle Bartkowski, for partnering with her so that she can be the very best first teacher for her children. Once the pandemic has subsided, she looks forward to connecting with other families through the PAT play groups.

The 3-year-old Grzyb twins are enrolled in the Colwyk Early Education Program through the Colonial School District. They were born at 28 weeks and had some speech delays at age 2. They were referred to Child Development Watch (CDW) and then to the school district for speech services. Ms. Grzyb wishes that it was easier for families to learn about and access services for young children. She learned about CDW from her pediatrician when she expressed concern about her children’s development.

Ms. Grzyb is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Her positive outlook on life is contagious. She has been featured on 6ABC Action News, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she spoke at local events and high schools.

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Christine Stoops
Co-State Leader for Delaware Parents as Teachers

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