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HOME VISITING: Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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4-DE-Blogs-March-4.23.152What would happen if your parents found out you were having sex?

Surprisingly, most parents would want to help ensure their teen is using birth control and protection. Most teens don’t use protection or birth control because they don’t want their parents to find out. In reality, your parents will most likely help you be safe. It may seem awkward at first to talk to your parents, but they will help you avoid teen pregnancy. Check out how most parents would react if they found out their teen was having sex here.

Be prepared to take action by yourself, if you are too afraid to talk to your parents about sex. The best way to get help is to talk to your parents of course, but you can also find out where you can get free condoms here. You can also find out more about birth control options and where to get it here .

What are solutions if you do get pregnant?

Parenting can be confusing, but Home Visiting programs can help lead teens in the right direction. In Delaware there are four Home Visiting programs: Early Head Start, Parents as Teachers, Nurse Family Partnership, and Healthy Families America/Smart Start. These programs help teens raise healthy children, support teens’ education, and increase involvement from fathers. Home Visiting also:

  • Answers questions about pregnancy, delivery, and care after the baby is born.
  • Helps women understand the best food for before and during pregnancy.
  • Connects families with housing, utilities, transportation or child care.
  • Assists families in creating a safe and healthy home for the baby.
  • Reduces the chance that mothers will have too many births following one another.
  • Teaches mothers about body changes during pregnancy and child birth.
  • Guides families, mothers, fathers, and babies to live happier and healthier lives.

About 183 repeat teen births occur each day in the United States. Home Visiting can prevent repeated teen pregnancies.

Most importantly, Home Visiting programs make sure that teen parents aren’t alone during their journey. Unlike general practice doctors, Home Visiting allows parents to get information and support from a professional in the comfort of their own home. Parents and home visitors can develop a meaningful relationship through the time they spend together. A home visitor can be someone parents can depend on like a friend, rather than a doctor. To enroll in Home Visiting dial 2-1-1.

What do you think about teen pregnancy? Has home visiting helped you with teen pregnancy? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter by using #DEThrives.


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