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HOME VISITING: Sleep. What’s That?

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“Tired” takes on a completely new meaning as a new parent. You want to take care of your baby and do what is best for your baby. However, there will be many restless nights ahead. The stress as a new mom or parent could be more than you can handle when you are on little sleep. It is equally important for you to care for yourself so that you can be there for your baby.

Home visiting programs recognize that parenting can be tiring and stressful. Home visitors are there to help new parents overcome barriers and challenges.  You can always talk to your home visitor when things get tough. They are with you to support you; your mentor, friend, and advice specialist. They get it.

Before little sleep gets the best of you, talk to your home visitor. Your home visitor might suggest some of the following methods:

  • Ask your partner or a trusted caregiver to take turns being with baby.
  • Practice breathing exercises.
  • Eat healthy foods to get more energy.

You should not feel embarrassed to talk with your home visitor as you go through this experience. Home visitors are there to make sure that you are preparing yourself and your home for your new baby. They do not replace your regular physician or pediatric doctor, but rather act as additional support! You can dial 211 for more information on home visiting programs.

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