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HOME VISITING: Pregnancy Swelling

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Are you expecting? Every month of pregnancy, you will experience a new change to your body. Your belly will get bigger. Your hair might look shinier. Some changes will be more apparent than other changes. Every pregnancy is different. Some woman can experience pregnancy swelling. Pregnancy swelling is normal. Your hands face, feet or ankles can feel larger than normal. While you cannot completely get rid of the swelling, there are things you can do to reduce it.

  1. Exercise regularly: Take a walk around the block or march while standing in place.
  2. Avoid salty meals: whether you are swollen or not, it is important to eat a well-balanced diet during pregnancy. Try a new fruit or vegetable!
  3. Put your feet up: New moms need to relax before life with a baby gets busy. Sit back and put your feet up! This will reduce swelling in the ankles.

If you are experiencing swelling, check in with your home visitor. Body changes can be scary for new moms. Your home visitor is there to help you through it all. Home visitors can help you better understand all the new changes. They can tell you whether this is a normal pregnancy change or if you should be concerned. To connect to a Home Visiting program dial 211 and ask for a program near you.

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