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HOME VISITING: Pregnancy Complications

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A first time pregnancy is a joyous time. It can also bring many worries. It can be scary to learn that you have pregnancy complications. There can be problems with your health or problems with your baby’s health. At the next appointment, your doctor might share information on what can happen during pregnancy. The information that you get can be overwhelming.

There are different types of complications. Some are easy to manage. Others can be more severe. All complications need attention. Do not be afraid to talk to your doctor or home visitor about them. Here are a few common complications:

Anemia – Tiredness or weakness could be a sign of anemia. Your doctor can check your iron levels. Talk to your doctor about taking iron and folic acid.

Depression – If you are not feeling like yourself or find yourself sad, this might be a time to check in with your home visitor. They can find resources to help both you and your baby.

Gestational Diabetes – You might not have symptoms but do not be afraid to ask about screening for high blood sugar. Gestational diabetes can increase the risk of preeclampsia or early delivery.

Chronic Conditions – Chronic conditions may put women at higher risk for pregnancy complications. Chronic conditions include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, asthma, cancer, and more.

Your home visitor is there to teach you about common or rare pregnancy problems. You can talk to your home visitor about handling these problems. Ask them to help remind you about upcoming appointments. Ask them for more information and resources. Questions help your child live a healthy life!  If you are pregnant or a new mom participate in a home visiting program near you. Dial 211 for Help Me Grow to learn more about Delaware’s popular Home Visiting Program!

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