Home Visiting: Keep Your Baby Safe from Medications

Your baby is beginning to crawl. Look at them go! It is that special time when your little one is becoming more curious. He or she is ready to explore a whole new world. It could only take a few seconds for your child to get into a purse or a nightstand that stores medication.  Every new parent wants their little one to be safe. A home visitor helps mom and dad prepare for a life with a baby.

Here are some important safety tips to remember as your baby grows into a curious toddler:

  • Store medications safely. Medications should be placed in a location that is hard to reach. It is better if you pick a place in your home that your child cannot see. You might not store your medications in the same place all the time. Your home visitor can help you find the safest locations in your home.
  • Use childproof caps. Most medications come with childproof caps. You can ask for a medication bottle with a childproof cap or transfer your medication to a pill box that locks. Make sure to carefully replace the lid of the bottle after taking a medication. Babies are smarter and stronger than we think! Never assume your baby cannot open a medication bottle. Those tiny fingers, along with time and determination can pop that cap right open.
  • Be alert when taking medication. Loose pills or medication bottles can fall onto the ground by accident. Your curious little tot can easily pick up the pill when you are not looking. Never leave medications on the table as a reminder. Instead use an app, timer, or self-written note as a reminder to take medication. Medication should always be placed away on a high shelf in a child-proof bottle.

Medications are not the only poisonous substances found in the home. Laundry and cleaning detergents, oils, and personal care products can harm your baby. Talk to your home visitor about doing a safety walk throughout your home. They can give you instructions on how to make your home safe for a child. Additionally, every parent should know the number to poison control. Write it down and keep it somewhere visible for emergencies. Call the poison control center at 1800.222.1222 right away if you think your child swallowed any medications or a harmful substance. If you are interested in enrolling in a home visiting program, dial 211.