HOME VISITING: Home Visitors, the Sidekick Every Mom (and Dad) Needs!


Raising a child, especially a newborn, can be stressful for anyone. Many families struggling with poverty, depression or isolation are worried that they have to take on this life changing task alone. The Home Visitor program, established through Delaware Thrives, is here to help you, and families like yours, by offering guidance and support.

Home Visiting is a free program with the goal of helping young or new mothers and their families during and after pregnancy. If you’ve never participated in this program before, the thought of having a stranger come to your house may seem scary. The most important thing to remember though is that they are qualified home visitors and their mission is to help you and your family thrive! The services they provide vary depending on you and your baby’s needs, the stage you enter the program, and across the different counties in Delaware.

From day one you will have the same home visitor to help you. There will never be any confusion on how you, your baby and your family have progressed and developed. Having the same home visitor also helps build a strong relationship as you have someone that you know and can ask for help or advice at any time. The short term and long term benefits are numerous and will last a lifetime. Just check out these testimonials from other participants!

To learn more about the benefits of home visiting, connect with the Delaware Home Visiting program by dialing 2-1-1 Help Me Grow.