Home Visiting: Helping Parents Complement Each Other

4-DE-Blogs-March-4.23.15Home Visiting can help both parents learn their role and how to work together for their children. Fathers are just as important as mothers and should be included in the Home Visiting process. When a child has two supportive parents, there is a greater chance he or she will thrive. Mothers and fathers often have different parenting techniques that create balance. Check out “The Important Role of Fathers in the Lives of Young Children” by Parents as Teachers.

Parents as Teachers highlights how parents can complement each other:

“Mothers may use parenting techniques of gentleness and security, while fathers may favor independence and confidence-building. These approaches help children understand the world in different ways; they balance each other.”

“Mothers and fathers may have very different styles of play, and their children can benefit from both of them. For example, a father may hold his child’s attention with vigorous types of play, including roughhousing that allows the child to take risks and solve problems by using his body, while the child’s mother typically may play cooing games and use more toys and books in her play.”

“Fathers tend to do more than mothers to promote their child’s independence and exploration of the outside world.”

Many fathers and mothers are unable to care for their children because they don’t have enough money or do not have custody. Healthy and well fathers and mothers should be a part of their child’s life. Home Visiting can help fathers and mothers who think they are unable to be a part of parenthood, by involving them in home visits. A time and place can be arranged, so that both parents can be involved in the Home Visiting process. A home visitor can act as a guide to how each parent can be helpful and supportive parents.

What happens when a mother or father is forced to raise their children by themselves?

There are many circumstances where children will have to grow up in a single parent household: abusive relationships, death, or other reasons. Grandparents, uncles/aunts, or friends can help single parents by acting as a second healthy adult involved in a child’s life. Home visitors can give parenting information you can trust too! It is difficult to raise a child on your own, so don’t be afraid to ask for help and enroll in the programs available to you. Dial 2-1-1 to enroll in Home Visiting and find almost any other parenting resource you may need.

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