HOME VISITING: Get Baby Ready – Tips for a happy & healthy pregnancy


Are you expecting a little one? If yes, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Home Visiting program. It’s a free service that ensures a happy, healthy life transition by sending a home visitor to your home (or public space of choice) weekly or biweekly. The goal of these meetings are to help prepare you for delivery and give advice on how to be a great parent. There are many tips for a healthy pregnancy, but according to Healthy Mom & Baby, these are the 5 most important and simple steps to follow:

  • Get prenatal care: make an appointment with your healthcare provider as soon as you know you’re pregnant or decided to conceive
  • Take prenatal vitamins: provides your body with certain vitamins and minerals to support a healthy pregnancy
  • Eat right and exercise: fill up on plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, low-fat proteins and lots of water. Exercising daily can boost your energy, decrease morning sickness and even help you sleep at night!
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco: smoking and drinking alcohol can increase risk for complications in pregnancy and can cause permanent damage to your baby
  • Heed warning signs: sudden changes in health- headaches, pain or bleeding- should be reported to your healthcare provider immediately, if something doesn’t feel right make the phone call or go get checked

This may seem like a lot to remember, but the best part about getting a home visitor is that they are dedicated to helping you! Your home visitor is available to meet until your baby is three years old to guarantee an easy transition from the hospital to your home.  To find Home Visiting programs in your area, call the Help Me Grow helpline at 2-1-1.