Home Visiting Fathers in Early CHildhood Education

The first few years of a child’s life is a critical period for healthy development; that’s why mom AND dad are equally important during this time.  One benefit home visiting provides to families is help involving fathers in the parenting process from day one.

Home visiting supports dads (or a father-like figure in the child’s life) to be involved in the child’s life from pregnancy to birth and beyond. It’s clear that a mother is always involved in the process—from carrying the child, to birthing, to breastfeeding. A father’s role is sometimes a little bit fuzzier. Home visiting helps fathers learn what their role is and how they can contribute to their son’s or daughter’s success too. Father involvement in a child’s life at an early age leads to higher verbal skills and better scores on assessments in school. Children display the success of father involvement in the positive development of language, motor, and social skills later in life.

According to the CDC, children develop better cognitive skills when parents read to them earlier in life. This simple action promotes school readiness and offers a better future for the child. Home visitors give first time parents the resources, advice, and expertise that fosters the growth of healthy baby. You are setting you and your child up for success by participating in the home visiting program.  Visit our website or dial 211 to learn more about the service. https://dethrives.com/