There are many ways to lower your risk of giving birth prematurely, yet one in eight babies is born prematurely. Premature infants are also known as preemies. When a women gives birth less than 37 weeks into pregnancy, her baby is a preemie. A baby is more likely to avoid future health problems if his or her mother gives birth between 37-42 weeks after the mother’s last menstrual period.

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Home visiting can support women to give birth after 37 weeks of pregnancy. Prenatal (before birth, during pregnancy) outcomes of home visiting include:

  • increase use of care throughout pregnancy
  • improved nutrition during pregnancy
  • increased attendance at childbirth classes
  • decrease in maternal, smoking
  • increased use of health and other community resources
  • greater interest by fathers in pregnancy

There are financial and health benefits of home visiting. Quality home visiting programs have helped decrease the number of low-birth weights births in Delaware by half. More babies are able to get a healthy start in life thanks to home visiting programs. $28,000-$40,000 are saved for every low birth weight prevented. Do you think home visiting could be right for you? Dial 2-1-1 or text 302-231-1464 to speak with Help Me Grow to enroll.