HOME VISITING: Communicating as a team

Every day is a new learning experience for new parents. Home visiting provides parents with information, support, and encouragement needed to raise a child in a positive environment. The program gives families the confidence to raise a healthy and smart baby. Your individual home visitor will also be around to guide you through feeding times, teach you about safe sleep, or inform you about developmental milestones. Home visitors also help build stronger families.

The program offers parents support as they deal with the challenge of raising a baby. A newborn at home will bring changes to your normal routine. Your home visitor will teach you about creating a nurturing environment for raising a baby. This includes how both parents can work together to create a positive family relationship for baby. Here are some ideas how you and your partner can work as a team:

  1. Support and appreciate each other – A newborn baby is a lot of work. Ask what you can do to help your partner.
  2. Plan together – You and your partner are on the same team! If the conflict is different parenting values, allow time to talk and set a goal on how you want to raise your child.
  3. Communicate – Your partner isn’t able to read your mind! Talk about what is working, what is not working, your fears, and your joys. Let your partner know what you are going through.

Home visitors offer advice and guidance to parents dealing with parenting stress and family conflicts. High stress levels at home contribute to the link between young parents and child abuse. Childhood stress results in negative health outcomes later in life. Your home visitor will help to address barriers and offers solutions to enhance family strengths. They will help families set goals and offers resources to help them reach the goals. Dial 211 to enroll in home visiting to give your child an opportunity to thrive!