HOME VISITING: All babies cry. Get to know your baby and how to soothe him/her

All babies cry. They cry when they’re hungry. They cry when they’re scared. They cry when they’re tired and they cry when they want to be held.  Crying is one of the few ways your baby can tell you what he or she is feeling. If they cry a lot it doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. As you get to know your baby you’ll learn how normal crying can be and how you can soothe them.

It’s important to act quickly when your newborn baby starts to cry. Don’t let people tell you you’re spoiling them or giving them too much attention. A newborn’s cries need to be taken seriously. There are many ways to soothe your baby if he or she starts to cry. You can see if they’re hungry and try to feed them. You can make sure they have a clean diaper. If not, change it. Rock the baby or walk with him or her while singing a song. Hold him or her close to your body and breathe calmly. Offer your baby a pacifier or toy. If your baby is very fussy, you should make sure they’re not sick. Check their temperature. If it is over 100 degrees, contact your healthcare provider.

If you’re home alone, put your baby in his crib on his back. Then close the door and give yourself 10 minutes. This gives you and your baby a chance to calm down.  If you start to feel frustrated or exhausted from your baby’s crying, get help. Raising a child takes a village and it is alright to ask for support. Becoming a parent can be a fulfilling experience as well as an overwhelming one. Home Visiting is a program that can help guide you through this time to make sure you and your baby are thriving. The visits are easy to schedule and on your terms. Home Visiting specialists are ready to meet you where you are most comfortable—either at your home or a public place of your choosing. So let Home Visiting be a member of your village by enrolling in their free program today. For more information on Home Visiting and how to enroll, call 2-1-1 Help Me Grow.