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HELP ME GROW: What’s in Your Lunch Box?

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September means it is back to school for many of our kids! Help your child start this new school year, happy and healthy. Nutrition is a big part of development. Healthy foods make students better learners. A child who has a well-balanced meal is more alert in the classroom. They score better on tests. They are in a better mood and are able to concentrate on schoolwork. Put your child on the right path from an early start. Here are some healthy choices you and your family can make this school year.

Food Plate – Your child should have all the food groups with their meal. The food groups are: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, and Dairy. Speak to your pediatrician or doctor about the right mix to give your child from each group.

No More Junk Food – Put away the potato chips and cookies. Keep carrot sticks or celery stick along with low-fat dressing dips. Fruits and vegetables are great snack replacers as well.

Eat Together – Our little ones often mirror behaviors they see.  Try to eat together to promote healthy eating! You can introduce your child to new foods. Try offering oatmeal with nuts and fresh berries as a healthy breakfast or try apple slices for a snack.

School grades are better when a child has healthy food options. We can all work together to make sure that all Delaware children are healthy and ready to learn. Help Me Grow is a great resource for parents and children. Help Me Grow can provide more information on child development. Help Me Grow can assist families with social service such as food, housing, heating or other needs. Dial 2-1-1 to speak to a representative today.

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