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HELP ME GROW: Outdoor Summer Fun With Your Child

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Summer is a great chance to keep your kids active. Show them how great it is to be outside by using our QT30 activities! QT30 is quality time you spend with your kids for 30 minutes a day. These 30 minutes can be filled with activities that are fun, educational, and help engage their minds to grow. Check out some of these outdoor activities for kids from birth to 8 years old.


Sidewalk chalk
Sidewalk chalk is a great time for everyone. There is no need to leave the driveway or neighborhood, and you get to soak up some rays. Your child will get the chance to be creative and play with different colors. You can also show them how to make shapes and see if they can mimic you. Don’t forget to buy bigger chalk so it’s easier for them to hold.


Rolling and playing ball
Rolling and playing ball is another great choice for ages birth to 3. Both of these activities allow them to work on their motor skills. Activate their hand-eye coordination with rolling, throwing, catching, and kicking the ball.


Nature walk
A nature walk is perfect for all ages. You can take a stroll with younger babies and point out different leaves and more. Name the objects as you show them to your little one. You can take older children to a park or playground and write down all the plants and animals you spot together.


For children ages 4 to 8, gardening is always a great activity. It’s an opportunity to teach them about caring for a living thing. You can also educate your child on how to grow their own food. Pick out plants or vegetables that will grow well during this time of year. Plant them together and let your child keep track of their progress. This is also a great bonding experience!



There’s no need to leave your home for this activity. For older children, fill a kiddie pool and throw in some rubber ducks. Have your child count the number of ducks that they fish out with a net.


Fly a kite
Flying a kite is an activity every child will love. Pick a windy day to take your 4 to 8-year-old to a nearby park. You can teach them how to launch a kite and keep it flying in the wind.

Spend the rest of the summer showing your child how physical activity and being outdoors can be fun. Looking for more QT30 activities to try with your child? Visit DE Thrives to find more.

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