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HELP ME GROW: Just a phase? How to know if your child’s behavior is normal for their age

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New parents often find themselves asking, “is this normal?” or “should my child still be doing this at this age?” These are not only common, but great questions that parents should be seeking answers to! It means you’re invested in your child’s development and want to make sure he or she is on the right track. Children learn and develop rapidly as they grow, but not every child does so at the same pace. That’s okay! Your child’s development is not a race, but you should be aware of the different stages they’ll go through.

Here are three things you can do to make sure your child’s development is on track:

  1. Look for developmental milestones: these are clues that your child’s growth is on track. They can range from things like walking and talking, to showing affection to familiar people. It’s important for parents to know and track their child’s developmental milestones. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our Milestone Fact Sheet and Checklist!
  2. “Check in” with your child: is your child acting out more than normal? Is he or she having separation anxiety or showing extreme behavior like being aggressive? It might be a good idea to “check-in” with your child and see if anything is worrying or negatively impacting them at home or at school.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help: trust your gut! If something feels off, get help. It’s important to raise your concern and act early. If delays in development are spotted early, there are specialists that can help your child. You can contact 2-1-1 Help Me Grow for judgement-free help.

We want all Delaware children to grow and thrive. 2-1-1 Help Me Grow is here for you whenever or wherever you need them. Call today!

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