Help Me Grow is a contact line that helps answer parents' questions in Delaware.

Parents, it is okay to have tons of questions. We’re sure you are experiencing information overload. Your cousin may give you advice that goes against what your grandparents suggest. You trust your family, but how do you know what information is reliable?

Delawarean parents have a contact line to call. It’s called Help Me Grow. Just dial 2-1-1 to reach the Help Me Grow hotline and a friendly child development expert will answer your call. Feel free to call as many times as you need. Help Me Grow can answer almost all of your parenting questions by referring you to professionals in the community who work with children and families every day. We want more families in Delaware to get connected with the resources available to them.

One specialty of Help Me Grow is child development. Friendly, helpful and responsive staff can connect you to services like developmental screening, that helps you find out early if your child’s growth or learning is on track and get them the extra support they need to stay on track in life. Help Me Grow can also help families get access to basic necessities such as heating, housing, and food!

You don’t need to search for help on your own. Dial 2-1-1 to let Help Me Grow connect you to the resources you need!