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HELP ME GROW: Finding Fun in Food

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Every moment is a teaching moment. You can help your child grow by creating learning moments. Talking is teaching. The words you say or the songs you sing help. It might seem like a small task — yet, your words matter. The words you say to your baby are helping them develop their own language skills. Your child will learn to use and understand more words as you continue to talk to them. You are helping your child get a great head start. This week, talk to your child about food! Talk about colors. Talk about different types of foods.

Here are some ideas to help along the way:

Smoothie Snack: Use milk, fruit, and yogurt. Have your child help find the ingredients in the refrigerator. Name the ingredients. Try different flavor combinations each day.

Food Exploration: Give your child whole fruits and vegetables. Point out the different colors of each.

Grocery Lists: Make a grocery list. As you shop for food, hold up each item and name that item for your baby.

Make sure your child is reaching their full potential. Every early interaction helps your baby get ready for first grade! There are simple things you can do every day to create new learning opportunities. Learn about helping your baby grow with Help Me Grow. Help Me Grow is a guide for health and home services! It’s all just a phone call away. Just dial 211 for Help Me Grow.

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