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HELP ME GROW: Every child needs to spend quality time with a trusted adult, and be connected to their health provider and community services if their growth is not on track.

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2-DE-Blogs-March-4.14.15Help Me Grow through 2-1-1, developmental screening and QT 30 will support you to get there!

Help Me Grow is a hotline in Delaware that supports child development, to keep kids’ growth on track. This hotline refers families to people and places that can help them monitor their child’s growth. Child development may be confusing at first, but it is essential for every family to understand the importance of milestones and how to help their children reach them.

What is child development? 

The way children grow and develop as they reach certain ages is child development. Kids can grow in many different ways that affect their physical appearance, social skills, and emotions. Children are more likely to keep up with their age group, if given the proper care and attention when they’re younger. There are three resources in Delaware that help promote healthy child development: Help Me Grow, developmental screening, and QT30.

Developmental Screening

Families need to monitor their children as they grow to help them reach the appropriate milestones. For example: at six months most babies show curiosity. When babies don’t reach certain milestones there is a chance that they may fall behind physically, socially, or emotionally. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to schedule an appointment for developmental screening to help kids reach important milestones.

You can learn more about milestones and where to find developmental screening by visiting:

Dial 2-1-1 Help Me Grow

Dial 2-1-1 to reach the Help Me Grow hotline. Explain your concerns about your child’s growth, the Help Me Grow specialist will refer you to the appropriate resources. You will get a follow-up call to ensure that you get the help you need and to provide additional assistance if necessary. You can also text 302-231-1464 from 8 AM-9 PM, Monday through Friday to reach an expert. Someone will answer your text in 15 minutes.  Dial 2-1-1 to enroll in programs that support your child’s growth like Home Visiting, find developmental screening locations, and get more resources to help you provide for you family.

QT 30

QT 30 is a simple way you can help your children grow up strong from birth to age 8. QT 30 is short for quality time for 30 minutes a day. It is more than spending time with your children. Help prepare your kids for life by doing QT 30 activities. You can find age appropriate ideas here:


Delaware’s children can fall behind if parents and caregivers don’t pay close attention to how they are growing physically, socially, and emotionally. The more adults are aware about proper child development, the better off their children will be in the future.  Follow @DEThrives on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates.

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