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HELP ME GROW: Crawl Baby, Crawl!

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Your baby is on the move! It takes time but eventually your baby will start to crawl. This is an exciting time for you and your little one. Crawling is part of growing up. It is one major milestone for your baby. Crawling is not easy! It takes muscle strength, coordination, and determination. You will see your child start to use their hands and knees to lift up. Some children go straight to crawling on their hands and knees. Other children will start with a belly crawl. Some children move backwards before crawling forwards. Whatever the case, you can support your baby during this adorable and exciting time.

Here are a few tips offered by Zero To Three:

Work on tummy time: Tummy time helps your child grow up strong. A few minutes a day on the tummy can strengthen a child’s neck and arm muscles. Remember to practice tummy time only when your child is awake.

Place toys in reach: You can encourage your baby to crawl by placing toys nearby. Your baby will try to reach for the toys in front of them. Do not push your baby to crawl. They will crawl when they are ready.

Create a safe space: Make sure the area is clear for takeoff! Remove anything that can be unsafe to your baby. Remove sharp objects, dangling cords, cover outlets or small objects in your baby’s way. You want to keep your little explorer as safe as possible.

All babies learn at a different pace. Your child might take a little longer than 9 months to crawl. Some children go straight to walking! If your child does not show signs of strength in their arms and legs by 9 months, talk to the doctor at the next appointment. The doctor will help to determine if there is a need for concern. You can visit to order a growth chart or milestone wheel to learn more about your baby’s development or dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow. This helpline has information and resources on child development and milestones.

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