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HELP ME GROW: Bonding With Your Baby

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Hold your baby close—it helps. The urge to hug and kiss your child and to care for your child is a form of bonding. A bond is a strong connection between a child and parent. You should interact with your child as much as possible. It is an important part of a child’s growth process. It can build your child’s social and emotional development.

Most parents form a bond immediately. Sometimes new parents have a harder time connecting with their baby. Do not worry. Your doctor or home visitor can share ways to bond.

In the meantime, here are a few quick ways to develop your bonding experience;

  • Skin-to-skin contact: It’s comforting for both you and your baby
  • Reading or singing to baby: Your baby will start to mimic sounds
  • Giving a baby a bath: Warm water and your soft touch helps calm a fussy baby
  • Hug your child: It helps them relax and feel secure
  • Breastfeeding: It is an opportunity to hold your baby close

Shower your child with love and affection! Holding your baby helps strengthen the bond between the two of you, and can boost your baby’s health and well-being. If you have any questions about your child’s emotional development, dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow. Help Me Grow is a helpline for health and home services! It is all just a phone call away.


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