HELP ME GROW: Benefits of Unstructured Playtime


Playtime. It is the source of laughter, excitement and good old fun. Yet, playtime is more than that. It is an important time for your growing child. Unstructured playtime gives your child the chance to learn through play. Every day your baby will learn something new. Playtime is the perfect time for them to learn new skills that will help them in the future.

So what exactly is unstructured playtime? It is playing with blocks. It is coloring on a sidewalk with chalk. It is running around outside. It is playtime without a purpose. During unstructured playtime, your child has the opportunity to be creative and make up the rules as they go. Every play your child is growing. Here is what happens as your child plays:

  • Your child is learning to explore the things around them. They are learning to understand how things work without being told.
  • Your child is growing physically. They are learning to hop, climb, run, and jump. They can use their imagination to create games and obstacle courses.
  • Your child will learn to communicate and problem solve with other children of similar age. Playing with others builds emotional skills

Let your child’s imagination run wild! Every play is a new opportunity for your child to build a stronger mind. Playtime gets your child ready for school.  Give your baby’s brain the opportunity to grow and thrive. You can learn more about ways to help your little one grow by connecting to Help Me Grow. Make sure that your child is ready to enter school with the ability to learn and succeed. Dial 211 to talk to a Help Me Grow specialist.