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HELP ME GROW: A Curious Baby is a Healthy Baby

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A curious baby is a healthy baby. Curiosity means your baby is trying to learn how things work. Your baby will learn new things right away. Sitting, walking, or crawling to name a few! Your baby will also start to develop problem-solving skills.  This is the way a child thinks and makes decisions. It is how they explore the world around them to gain a better understanding of how things work.

Every activity that you do with your child is a teachable moment! Here are two activities that build problem-solving skills

Nesting Toys – Put a toy inside a box with a removable lid. First, show your baby what to do. Encourage your baby to do the same. Your baby will have to think about removing the lid to get the toy.

Paper Puzzle – Game time is always fun. Create a board game of different shapes. Cut out similar shapes on a separate piece of paper. Have your baby match the shapes to the ones on the board.

Encourage your child’s curiosity! The first few years of your child’s life are a vital time for growth and development. When a child’s growth is on track, they are more likely to do better when they enter school. This will help them in life long-term. Not sure if your baby is growing up to be a smart and healthy tot? Dial 211 to talk to a Help Me Grow specialist. Talk to them about your child. Let them know how your child behaves and they can get you the help you need. To learn more about Help Me Grow before you call, visit

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