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HEALTH EQUITY: Working Toward Health Equity

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It’s time for our communities to move the needle toward health equity. To begin, we must understand the social determinants of health to address health equity. These determinants of health are factors such as where a person is born, where they work and where they live. These factors closely affect one’s overall health. We all deserve to live in communities where streets and housing are safe, where transportation is good and where there is plenty of fresh food and parks.  However, not every community has walkable streets or has access to good, healthy foods.  The absence of these facilities in any given community has a way of affecting the overall health of the people living in those communities. Health equity means opportunity for all.

Anyone can take action for health equity. Here is how you can take the first step:

Learn About It: Understand the terms like health equity, health disparities, health inequities, and why you should care about it.

Spread the Word: Share facts and ideas about health equity on social media. You can get Delaware Health Equity Alerts by email.

Stand Up: Ask for help with a community healthy equity issue or host a visit by a community health ambassador.

Get Involved: Become a Health Ambassador or Preconception Peer Educator. These action takers are striving to make a difference in the lives of Delaware families every day.


The Delaware Health Equity Action Center brings people together. It offers tools and guidance on reducing health inequalities. It takes partnerships – from policy makers to health care professionals to community organizations and community members.  Let us start a conversation about how we can work together to achieve healthier communities today.



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