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HEALTH EQUITY: Transportation and Health Equity

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We want to live in a place that is good for us. We want to live in a place that we feel good about. A person’s health can be influenced by where they live. Health and environment is a factor that is often linked. Not every person has that ability to live in a community that makes it easy to get healthy and stay healthy. There are obstacles that get in the way of better health. One way to achieve the best possible health is to look at ways to advance active transportation in your community.

Many neighborhoods do not have access to walk-able sidewalks or safe places to ride a bike. It can make individuals in that community feel less connected to each other and to natural places. Active transportation matters to health – physically and mentally. Biking to work or walking to a local park are all ways to get physically active. Physical activity reduces health challenges, like heart disease. Active transportation is an affordable way for any individual to get active. Think about your streets. Do you feel safe walking to the park? Do you have sidewalks to get you from point A to point B? What about protected bike lanes that are like sidewalks for bikes?

Improvements in your neighborhood make it easy for people to make healthy choices. You need to speak up to make your community a thriving community. Health Ambassadors have committed themselves to guiding Delaware families to good health education and practices. There are four different Health Ambassador Programs. To learn more about the different programs click here!

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