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HEALTH EQUITY: Spreading The Message

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Our fight has just begun! When we work towards health equity, we are working towards giving everyone the opportunity to live his or her healthiest life. Not all Individuals live in fair conditions.  We are getting closer, but we still have some gaps to close, mostly with families with low incomes and families of color.

As a community, we can focus on advancing health equity. It takes work to address health disparities and inequalities in our state. We can use our voice and platforms to advance health equity. We can spread the message so that everyone truly understands community health issues. Together, we can improve health for all. Take action. Below are some social media posts to help spread the health equity message. Be sure to tag us at @DEThrives so that we can join in the conversation!


  1. Health equity means creating that fair and equal chance. It takes more than personal choices. It is about making sure everyone has his or her chance to thrive. It takes communities where streets and housing are safe or where transportation is good. We are getting closer, but we still have some gaps to close. To find out more about health equity visit our DE Health Equity Action Center.
  2. Why should we care about health equity? Well, for starters, health equity affects everyone! Natural causes like lifestyle choices, “bad” genes or inadequate care are not always to blame. These days social conditions, like where we live, the money we have, the discrimination we face, and the work we do is what makes us healthy or sick. We ALL can make our communities safer and healthier. Visit the Health Equity Online Action Center to get the facts and take action.



  1. Help maintain health equity in your community. Find out how you can promote equal opportunity for all and help others be healthy by becoming an action taker today!
  2. The environment and people around us matter. It plays a big part in the health of our babies and children. Make impact in your community. Visit the Health Equity Online Action Center and take action!


To learn more about health equity and the work being done in #Delaware, visit the Health Equity Action Center

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