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HEALTH EQUITY: Creating a health community

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Every individual should have the opportunity to live in a community that provides safe places to walk and play. Daily walks in a park or bike rides around the block can improve the health of the individual and the health of a community. A walk on a guided path can instantly improve your health and emotional wellness. So what really happens when you spend time outside? Levels of anxiety, stress, and depression are greatly reduced. This creates a better living environment for families and communities. Sometimes there is not as much existing open land in one neighborhood compared to surrounding neighborhoods. Communities could be considered unsafe. Unpaved sidewalks could make it difficult to walk or bike. This barrier increases obesity rates and other health problems in these areas.


Here are some things your community can do to improve a neighborhood so that you and your family can feel safe outside: Add sidewalks

  1.  Add bike lanes
  2.  Make sure all walking areas are well lit
  3. Clear blocked paths
  4.  Create areas of green space
  5.  Improve parks and trail ways

Not everyone lives in a community where streets are safe, transportation is good, or where there are plenty of parks.  That means as members of a community, you have to be efficient and innovative. You have to stand up for health equity. You can be a leader and look for ways to improve your community when the chance arises. When there are barriers that limit access to parks or trails, create goals to improve park access. Look for ways to make active transportation more accessible! To find out more about health equity and how to get involved visit the Delaware Health Equity Action Center.

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