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HEALTH EQUITY: Create Healthy Communities

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Where we live can greatly affect our health. It can increase our risk of health problems. It can make our health problems worse. People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes face challenges when managing their disease. This is partially because of health inequities.  You might think that the only barrier to being healthy is not having access to healthy foods. However, health goes beyond the food that we eat. Other barriers can stop individuals from living the healthiest life.

Look at your community. What could get in the way of you living your healthiest life? When we work towards health equity, we are working towards giving everyone the opportunity to live his or her healthiest life. Not all Individuals live in fair conditions. Transportation could be limited. It could be hard to get access to health care. Neighborhoods could have a lack of physical activity opportunities. Community initiatives can help to reduce the risk of disease.

According to the CDC, here are some changes that communities can make to reduce the risk of diabetes and other health problems:

  • Increase access to low cost physical activity
  • Increase access to self-management classes
  • Increase diabetes education and awareness
  • Promote changes to the environment

Various initiatives and programs can help to create more healthy communities. A healthy life not only makes us feel better, but also allows us to achieve more in life. Learn how you can be an action taker in your community. Visit

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