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HEALTH EQUITY: Change Can Start with You

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Social determinants of health focus on how we live, grow, work or play. These include key factors like income, neighborhoods, education, and jobs. For some of us, there are still long strides to take to live in a place of good health.

You are a key piece to the larger puzzle. It takes policy makers, providers, business owners, community organizations and the individuals in a community to work towards better health for everyone. Sometimes, it will take the entire community to change the overall health and well-being of individuals. Yet, health equity can begin with you. You can tip the domino. Cause that chain reaction.

Start the conversation in your community. Think about your community center. Think about your neighborhood. The community center is a place where the community can get involved with arts and culture. Engagement in arts and culture activities are known to improve well-being. Music and arts have a way of building self-confidence, reducing anxieties, and increasing work ethic. It is good for emotional health and is a distraction from negative behaviors. Perhaps there is a way to get community organizations to hold art and culture classes for youth in your community?

Walkable sidewalks and integrated green spaces are vital to one’s health. Parks and well-lit sidewalks encourage walking and active transportation. In return, the more you walk the less you think about eating. It can encourage and motivate you to make healthier choices when it comes to eating! Work with your city representative to bring change to local parks and streets.

There are different ways to improve your community. Do you have a big idea to change your community for the better? Get up and do something! Visit the DE Health Equity. Become an action taker. Get involved with programs and organizations or learn how to start your own.





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