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There is a link between health and the environment. Are you asking yourself how? Not every person has that ability to live in a community that makes it easy to get healthy and stay healthy. There are obstacles that get in the way of better health. However, small changes can push your community towards better health. One way to achieve better health is to look at green spaces in your community.

Many individuals live in a community that lack green spaces. Green spaces affect the air you breathe. Green spaces encourage physical activity. Green spaces produce healthy individuals. Green spaces are the parks and playgrounds in your neighborhood.

Daily walks in a park can improve the health of the individual and the health of a community. A walk on a guided path, lined with trees and flowers, can instantly improve your health and emotional wellness. Sometimes there is not as much open land in one neighborhood. The playgrounds could use some love. The open areas could use more plants. As a community and as a group, you can change this part of your community. Form a group to clean up a park and plant flowers. Ask volunteers to keep up with maintaining the environment. Small changes pave the way for health equity.

Most Delawareans agree that everyone deserves a fair and equal chance for health. We’re getting closer, but we still have some gaps to close. To find out more about health equity visit our DE Health Equity Action Center.

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