Great America Smoke Out Month: Make a Plan to Quit

Make A Plan To Quit
When you decide that you want to quit smoking, you have already made a positive choice for your health. Going from wanting to quit smoking to actually quitting is a big leap, but it is achievable with a good amount of planning. Here are five helpful steps that can put you on the right path:

1. Pick a date that you will quit on, and stick to that date.
2. Let your family, friends, and co-workers know that you plan to quit.
3. Be ready and have plans for any challenges you may have while quitting.
4. Get rid of cigarettes and other tobacco products from all controllable areas of your life (your house, your car, and your work).
5. Speak with your doctor about how they can help you quit.

Most importantly, make sure you have a healthy support system around you. When family and friends are rooting for you to succeed in your goal to quit smoking, you will have more drive to quit and never smoke again.