Global Hug Your Kids Day: Touch Means A Lot

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Touch is very powerful for the emotional development of your baby. Holding your baby helps strengthen the bond between the two of you, and can boost your baby’s health and wellbeing. The “Kangaroo Care” method is a helpful way to foster this bond. Kangaroo Care is where your diapered baby is on your bare chest with a blanket over their back. Babies are sensitive to touch and respond positively to nurturing touch and skin-on-skin contact, including the positive feelings of people around them. As you bond with your baby, they will pick up on how you are feeling. You are showing your love when you lovingly hold your baby!

Babies who are held a lot sleep for longer. Your baby will cry less when you hold them because your scent, touch, and breathing are familiar and comforting to them. If your baby is being fussy, softly brush them with your hand to soothe them. Holding your baby helps you too! It can lower your stress and chances of depression.

Even older children seem to benefit from being held. Hugging your child can help them relax, and feel secure. Giving hugs and showing affection is also good for your child’s stress and immune system. If you have more than one child, and they are fighting, make them give each other a hug. Touch, more than talking, helps to fix hurt feelings more quickly.

If you have any questions about your child’s emotional development, dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow, text: 302-231-1464, or click here for more information!