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Getting Kids School-Ready: A New Report Details Delaware’s Challenges

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Children who spend their earliest years struggling with physical health, mental health, cultural, language, motivational, or learning challenges are already behind the curve when they start school. A new report from the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network provides information to guide the development of children in Delaware — particularly those in 10 high-risk ZIP codes. Using three developmental screening tools for evaluation, a current snapshot of the developmental delays and milestones in these communities was created to guide future programs and initiatives. The tools used to capture data included questionnaires used in early childhood and education settings, parents’ evaluation of their child’s developmental milestones, and a checklist for autism completed online. Lower scores among high-risk children were reported in expressive language, fine motor, self-help, gross motor, and social-emotional areas. The goal is to intervene and improve the chances for these children to receive the support they need to grow and thrive.

Read the full report now.

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