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DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING: Understanding Your Baby’s Milestones

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ds_facebookDevelopmental milestones, developmental screenings, developmental delays! You might have heard these words when speaking to another parent or while researching online. You know that they must be important, but what does it all mean for your child?

Milestones are achievements that your child will reach at every age. They are the exciting actions you look forward to when you bring your baby home—are they able to have eye contact with you and smile, are they able to grab your finger, and later can they walk and many more! During developmental screenings, your child’s doctor will check that your child is on track to living a healthy life. If your child is behind on reaching a milestone, there is a possibility your child has a developmental delay— which can range from learning, listening, or speaking delays. Some delays can be easily treated if caught early. That is why it is extremely important to understand milestones and to ask your doctor to screen your child at the next wellness visit.

The new ‘Milestones in Action’ resource from the CDC can help parents understand a baby’s milestones at certain ages through the use of visuals. To help you understand your own child’s milestones, it is important that you first understand a typical milestone achievement. The videos and images display actions of a typical child reaching significant developmental milestones. Talk to your doctor immediately if you are concerned that your child does not display similar behaviors as the healthy, growing child in the images.

Developmental milestones are the key to a healthy start in life. Dial 211 Help Me Grow to learn more about developmental milestones, if you are concerned about the growth of your child, or for additional parenting needs!

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