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DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING: Do you know how to track your baby’s developmental milestones?

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Your little baby is growing up- fast. Almost 3 months have gone by! You go to lift your baby and his head falls back. Should he have the capability of holding up his head? Is he still too young? Now you are unsure if you should worry. What should be the next step?

It’s important to trust your gut. Do not hesitate. Write down your concerns. Have a list ready to share with your family doctor. Your doctor will screen your baby for any developmental delays. There are many resources where you can check for developmental milestones before scheduling an appointment. Ultimately, you should always let your doctor know your concerns as they will guide you to do what’s next.

Child development milestones are the actions your baby should take when growing up. This could include following your voice when you speak, or smiling back at you when you smile. Sometimes there may be nothing to worry about as children grow at different rates. Check your child’s developmental progress at regular check-ups to ensure that your baby is on the right track.

Delaware Thrives supports healthy babies. Check milestones for your baby or child by visiting our Developmental Screening page. If you are concerned, review the CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early website for more information. It’s important to know the different milestones your child will go through.

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