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DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING: A Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Baby

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Nutrition before pregnancy is important for mom and baby. It is essential that you are getting all the right nutrients and maintaining a healthy weight prior to pregnancy. It might be hard to ignore those delicious, but unhealthy, foods. Taking care of your body now is important to the health and well-being of your future child.

According to the CDC, weight prior to pregnancy relates to developmental delays in your child. Mothers considered obese before pregnancy were more likely to have a child with a developmental delay. Some common delays might include:

  • Speech or language delay
  • Emotional problems
  • Peer problems
  • A Learning disability

A child with a developmental delay falls behind in school. Be proactive and learn what you can do to lead a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy. If you are concerned that your child has a developmental delay, dial 211 for Help Me Grow and ask for Debbie, or talk to your doctor during the next well visit.

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