Black Breastfeeding Week 2022

One week, countless ways to help and support Black and Brown mothers on their breastfeeding journeys.

We’re breaking down the barriers around Black breastfeeding, because it has never been more important to talk about the healthiest bond between mom and baby.

In Delaware, Black babies are almost 3 times more likely to die than white babies before their first birthday. According to the CDC, increased breastfeeding by Black mothers could decrease infant mortality rates by as much as 50%.

For many reasons, breastfeeding isn’t always the easiest choice, but when it comes to the health benefits for Black babies and moms, it is the best choice. This week, we’re celebrating the many benefits that start with you.

Black Breastfeeding Week is a national program to show how important breastfeeding can be for Black babies, mothers, families, and entire communities.

Daily Events

Event schedule and additional information coming soon.


Hear from real women.

“The most incredible thing about breastfeeding is the unique bond it creates that will exist between you and your child only. Nothing like being able to comfort your child with what feels like magic, or a gummy smile directed at you.”
– LaShanna, breastfeeding participant

“Breastfeeding is the superior choice of infant food, and I appreciate the help of the WIC program.”
Ana, breastfeeding participant

“As a mother of 10 children, I exclusively breastfed eight. What a difference in the magic of breast milk. I was helping mothers in the community long before I heard of a breastfeeding peer counselor. When I heard of the opportunity with the WIC program, I knew it was my calling. I absolutely love what I do!”
– Andrea, breastfeeding peer counselor