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At-Home Activities for Children During COVID-19

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Children throughout Delaware are out of school and now at home, due to the risks of COVID-19. During this time, it’s important to keep children active and engaged throughout the day. This not only helps with boredom, but also helps with their development.

Whether your child is between the age of 0-3 years old or 4-8 years old, there are plenty of free activities that you can participate in to help maintain their activity. For a full list of activities, visit the Quality Time 30 page. Here are a few great ideas.

  • Sidewalk ChalkThe driveway is your canvas. Remember that bigger chalk is easier for your little one to hold.
  • Pet Playdate If you have a family pet, teach your child how to correctly interact with it, like gentle petting. Spend some time teaching your child about that particular animal.
  • Walk In My ShoesGet a variety of shoes in all sizes from the closet and have your toddler try each pair on and attempt to walk in them.
  • Foot TracingHave your child stand on a piece of paper while you trace around his/her feet with a crayon or pen. Then trace your feet and compare the sizes and color them in.
  • Flashlight DanceIn a low-lit room around bedtime, sit with your baby in your lap and slowly shine a flashlight over the walls. You can play soothing music while you do this.
  • Fly a KiteOn a windy day, go to the park and teach your child how to launch the kite into the air and fly it in the wind
  • Silly WalksInvent as many different kinds of silly walks as you can.
  • Pajama PartyStay in your pj’s, make breakfast, and play your child’s favorite game.
  • Frog LeapsScatter pillows around your living room and have your child leap from one pillow to the next.

Prevent Child Abuse America has also developed a comprehensive list of fun activities you can do with your child, while you’re stuck at home.

  • Play card and board games
  • Make art or do crafts together
  • Cook and bake together—talk about math as you prepare the recipe
  • Build forts, design a marble run, or devise another fun STEM project
  • Sort through bookshelves, revisit favorite titles and make a pile to donate
  • Change family picture frames and revisit memories as you change photos
  • Make a photo book together
  • Perform a readers theater together—make up a play or production
  • Sing, play piano or other instruments
  • Make puppets and put on a puppet show
  • Have a dance party, do fitness activities together, and play in the yard as a family
  • Write letters or make cards for a local senior center, the RFPD, or RFFD
  • Do puzzles—make up number puzzles or riddles
  • Write stories and poetry and read them aloud (lots of encouraging applause, please)

Visit Prevent Child Abuse America’s website for more information and activities for the entire family.

For more information and activities to do with your child during this time, visit DE Thrives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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