What is Title V?

Title V of the Social Security Act reflects our nation’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of women, children – including children with special health care needs, and their families, and is operationalized through a block grant. For an overview of the Title V Block Grant and the national health priorities it addresses, please visit http://mchb.hrsa.gov/blockgrant/.

In Delaware, the Title V Block Grant serves as the foundation for much of our Maternal & Child Health Program, and is administered by the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH).

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The Title V Needs Assessment

Every 5 years, as a part of the federal Maternal and Child Health Title V Block Grant, states are required to complete a comprehensive assessment of the needs, desired outcomes, and system capacity for the maternal and child health population, including children and youth with special health care needs. The results of this assessment are then used to establish the priorities that will guide our Title V program for the next five years (2015-2020).

In September 2014, the Delaware Division of Public Health initiated its 2015 Title V Needs Assessment process. This process included presentations to stakeholders, gathering of quantitative data, surveys of professionals and families, key informant interviews, and community focus groups. Our Steering Committee then conducted an analysis of this quantitative and qualitative data, and used it to inform the selection of priority needs. To gain an understanding of the body of data used in our quantitative analysis, please click the link below to review the Topic Briefs for each of the priority health areas studied.

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Delaware’s Title V Priorities for 2015-2020

The priorities selected for Delaware’s Title V Program are presented in the table below. They are listed by population domain, as defined by the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Many factors were considered in selecting these priorities, including: size and seriousness of the health issue; disparities in outcomes; stakeholder support; importance to the community; and alignment with national and state goals.

Population Domain Health Priority
Women/Maternal Health • Increase the number of women who have an annual well-woman visit to optimize the health of women before, between and beyond pregnancies.
Perinatal/Infant Health • Improve breastfeeding rates (initiation and duration).
Child Health • Increase healthy lifestyle behaviors (healthy eating and physical activity).
• Improve rates of developmental screening in the healthcare setting using a validated screening tool.
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs • Increase the percent of children with special health care needs with a medical home.
Adolescent Health • Decrease rates of bullying by promoting development of social and emotional wellness.
Cross-cutting Health Issues • Increase the percent of children who are adequately insured.
• Improve the rate of oral health preventive care in pregnant women and children.

Proposed Action Plan

The Division of Public Health’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau has drafted a plan to address our Title V priorities, with a five-year horizon. It is in the format required for the block grant application, and includes objectives and high- level strategies. The strategies in this plan were developed based on input and discussions with many stakeholders in Delaware. More detailed activities to advance each of the strategies will be defined on an annual basis and included in the grant narrative.

Please note that this plan represents the role that the Title V Program can play in improving the health of mothers and children, given our resources and capacity, and is not intended to be a comprehensive strategic plan to address each of the targeted health areas. Moving the needle on any of these health priority areas will require collective effort from many partners throughout the state.

Delaware’s Title V Action Plan

Delaware’s Title V Completed Application

We invite you to review our Title V completed application. Our annual Title V application was submitted on July, 2016. This application, along with our Action Plan, will be our guide for the work we do over the next five years. We plan to continue our work with our partners and community members to understand their needs and concerns along the way. We welcome your ideas, input, and comments on our progress or how we may do things differently.

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