When you do your part to educate and learn from your peers, you are taking the first steps to creating positive change in the world. When a woman learns more about and makes healthy choices, she shares those choices with her friends. Those friends tell friends, and eventually, a whole neighborhood is learning and making healthier choices. After a neighborhood, a town, then a state and finally a nation is learning and doing more. Finally, we will have happy, healthy and safe communities.

Our Delaware vision is to have a PPE Program at every College and University Statewide.

Learn more about the National PPE Program through the Office of Minority Health – click here.


To become a Peer Educator, review the pre-training checklist and bring it to the statewide training. The checklist includes links to all the information you need to access.

Check out this PowerPoint from the Office of Minority Health for PPE training and certificate requirements.