Smile Check Wants to Connect with You Virtually!

In past years, the Delaware Smile Check Program has enjoyed completing dental screenings at schools across the state and performing preventive services for students on-site. This year, however, we may not get to see everyone’s smiling face right away, as the COVID-19 pandemic has rearranged plans for back to school. If your school can’t offer in-person dental screenings at this time, don’t worry! There are still lots of things to smile about.

The Smile Check Virtual Program is being offered to students who have Medicaid or CHIP, or who do not have dental insurance. Sign up today, by completing the form below.

Contact the Bureau of Oral Health and Dental Services if you need assistance.
Phone: 302-622-4540

Oral Health Education
  • Offered remotely via Zoom or your school’s virtual platform.
  • Includes age-appropriate material, including why teeth are important; nutritional counseling; how to brush, floss and prevent cavities; and how oral health relates to overall health.
Screening Assessment Survey
  • Questionnaire completed by parents/guardians that lets our professional dental team know how we can assist your child and family.
Personalized Case Management
  • Customized connections to care for each child, including urgent referrals and routine preventive treatment.
  • Your child will be matched with a dental health coordinator to personally help you access any resources you need.