Healthy Women. Healthy Babies.

Healthy Women, Healthy Babies.

Healthy Women, Healthy Babies is a program for women who are Delaware residents. It facilitates extra services for women who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant or who just want to live healthier lives. These include personal health and wellness, nutrition, family planning, mental health, and prenatal care if you get pregnant.

You get care from a team of people who focus on your personal needs. And, it is free to women who qualify.

Factors that make you eligible include:

  • African American women
  • Women whose most recent pregnancy had serious problems, such as:
    miscarriage, baby born too soon, baby born with health problems or low birth weight, stillbirth or infant death.

OR, at least two of these risk factors:

  • Have chronic disease (like diabetes or high blood pressure)
  • Are overweight (BMI of 30 or above)
  • Have stress, depression, mental health issues
  • Are pregnant and younger than age 18 or over age 35
  • Have been pregnant for 3 or more months without prenatal care
  • Are at risk for birth defects due to family history or exposure to toxic material

Statistics have shown that there are certain high risk zones that affect a women’s health in Delaware. These zones have higher than average rates of poor birth outcomes. If a woman lives in one of these high risk zones she may qualify for the Healthy Women/ Healthy Babies 2.0 program. Learn more.

To see if you qualify, call or visit one of the participating providers.

It’s a fact. Drinking alcohol and using drugs while pregnant harms your baby. Don’t cause birth defects! If you are pregnant, might be pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant STOP using alcohol and drugs. Even if you are having sex without using birth control, STOP using alcohol and drugs. Or, start having safe sex. It’s never too late to quit using alcohol or drugs. It can be hard, but there’s help! Dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow on your phone. They can connect you. Find out more about alcohol, drugs and pregnancy by reading this, right now.