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Providers and Community Partners

Help Me Grow

The HMG system is a framework that brings together child-serving partners to improve early childhood services. Help Me Grow 2-1-1 is a one-stop shop that offers programs, services, and helpful information for parents-to-be and families.

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What Can Help Me Grow Do?

10-Years of Outcomes & Impact

  • 19,693 Total number of calls and 17,076 children served through HMG’s centralized access point @ 211
  • 110,210 Total number of the top requested needs by a parent/caregiver; these include: Home Visiting, Basic Needs (clothing, car seats, furniture), Diapers, WIC, and childcare.
  • 14,574 Total number screenings completed through community outreach activities
  • 11,961 Total number of referrals to targeted service providers by HMG @ 211
  • 11,571 Total number of parent/caregiver reported Behavioral and Developmental concerns to HMG @ 211
From 2020 to 2022, there was a 155.4 percent increase in calls.

Help Me Grow Advisory Committee

The Help Me Grow Advisory Committee is the leadership team that provides advice, guidance and support to the on-going activities and operations of Help Me Grow. The advisory committee is a coalition of multi-faceted child-serving programs with a common goal and shared interests. It is composed of staff representing Delaware’s early childhood, health, education and social services communities, with a commitment to supporting the development and learning of children and their families.

The HMG committee meetings have been held since 2012. The committee meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the specific month, with a total of 6 meetings expected in the year. Meetings are always virtual and are held from 10 am to 12 noon. For more information or to inquire about membership please contact or call 302-608-5757.

Past meeting minutes

The Coalition

The Coalition provides members the opportunity to network with like-minded programs while being involved in and contributing to streamlining and shaping early childhood systems and childhood development. Responsibilities of the committee include determining the mission and purpose of the HMG system over time; articulating goals, objectives and activities; ensuring effective planning; monitoring and strengthening of Help Me Grow initiatives while assuring its sustainability.

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