Healthcare, early childcare and social service providers are invited to refer families to the Home Visiting program. Referrals are quick and easy. Just dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow.


The home visiting program works with healthcare providers and the families they care for from the time of pregnancy through age 5. Home visiting is a health care service for which there is rigorous research-based evidence of positive impact on maternal and child health, school readiness and social well-being.

While Home Visiting can benefit all families, it is especially valuable to those needing extra support and connections to a range of support services. Home visitors assist health care providers and families as follows:

  • Home visitors serve as advocates and can enhance families’ access to health care providers;
  • Home visitors can partner with pediatricians and other clinicians by working in the home setting to provide essential education and supportive services to at-risk children;
  • Home visitors can help with care compliance to achieve healthier birth and pediatric health outcomes;
  • Home visitors can reinforce treatment plans; and
  • Home visitors can assist participants’ adherence to medical prevention and treatment regimens.

Home visiting is not intended to replace office-based OB/GYN, family or pediatric care, but rather to supplement and reinforce it.

New REPORTING PROTOCOLS have recently been implemented to help home visitors keep primary care providers informed. First, an Enrollment Letter is sent out to providers if their patient enrolls in the program. Secondly, a Referral Letter is sent out to REFERRING agencies / providers to provide an update on the status of the referral. Lastly, a Feedback Form is sent out quarterly to providers to give an update on assessments completed and education given. For more more information, contact Christy Wright at

Unsure which Home Visiting Program to refer to?  See the eligibility requirements for each program in the table below.