Building healthier communities is critical to building healthier families.

Delaware Department of Justice/Office of Attorney General

The Department of Justice created the Community Engagement Unit (CEU) to encourage collaboration with communities statewide to prevent and reduce crime and to build trust between the attorney general’s office and the communities it serves. The CEU works directly with residents in an effort to create safer communities. CEU members attend community meetings, meet with concerned residents individually, volunteer with outreach programs, tutor/mentor school-age children, and host events that aim to support and uplift the community.


Corie Priest


Community Engagement Unit: Download flyer.

West Side Grows Together, Partnerships

Heroes & Restaurants is a partnership of West Side Grows Together, the Feeding Front Line Healthcare Givers Fund, the Shone family, New Castle County, and generous individual donors. It supports independent restaurants and feeds front line health care and essential workers in Wilmington and New Castle County.

Wilmington Strong Fund is a public-private partnership that ensures Wilmington businesses remain open for years to come through $1,000 grants. Covering expenses such as rent, mortgage payments, utility and supplier bills, and digital marketing costs, the grants help small businesses recover from the pandemic, and they build a community-driven network to serve the area’s favorite shops, restaurants, stores, and cafes.


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