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Black Maternal Health Awareness


Protecting the health of mothers and infants is a critical measure of a country’s development. The United States is one of very few developed countries where deaths related to pregnancy or childbirth is increasing. In the U.S. Black women are disproportionately impacted dying at four times the rate of white women during pregnancy and childbirth. Black women are also twice as likely to suffer from life-threatening pregnancy related complications. Trends are similar for Delaware. Maternal mortality rates are on the rise as are risk factors for pregnancy-related complications such as obesity, pre-eclampsia, and high blood pressure. Their infant’s fair no better, dying at more than twice the rate of white infants.

Disparity gaps remain stubbornly persistent despite efforts to improve. A growing body of literature indicates structural racism is a major contributing factor to these disparities which until recently have been largely unexplored or even mentioned.  There is a growing recognition more must be done if Delaware is to close its disparity gap.


On April 9, 2019, the Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium held a press event at its annual summit uniting local community leaders, health care providers, elected officials, innovators, activists and national thought leaders for the purpose of beginning the process to establish bold, statewide health goals and formulating strategies for advancing these goals.

  • Increase representation of women of color by establishing a critical platform for increasing the conversation about the disparity gap for African American women and their infants.
  • To understand the impact of structural racism of maternal and infant health disparities


DHMIC will bring increased awareness of the disparity gap for African American women and their infants by developing community-informed solution for closing the disparity gap. DHMIC will educate providers on implicit bias and its subsequent impact on care rendered and health disparities.

View the infographic created to increase awareness:


DHMIC will work to actively Identify all community partners throughout the state of Delaware who have an interest in partnering to address black maternal and infant health disparities.

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