National Impaired Driving Prevention Month: Encourage Safe Party Behavior

1-DE-Blog_November_11.14.142Consuming drugs and alcohol create impaired driving. When you drive impaired, you are not able to drive safely. Many lives are put at risk when a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Remember these tips before you start drinking:


  • Plan Ahead: Have a designated driver. You can always ask a friend or family member who is having a sober night to drive. They will be more than happy to make sure you get home safe.


  1. Remember your Family: Let your family know you care about them by not driving impaired as well as not letting them drive impaired.
  2. Pregnancy: A pregnant woman should never drink. If your wife, friend, or loved one is pregnant, support her and your family by not drinking. If you are pregnant, do not put yourself in situations where you will feel pressured to drink.
  3. Use Public Transportation: You can always take a taxi, bus, or train. This way everyone can celebrate and stay safe at the same time. Leave your car and keys at home. You will save on gas too.

Set a good example for your family by not doing drugs and drink responsibly. Never drive after drinking alcohol and don’t get in a car with a drunk or drugged driver. Part of being a responsible parent is thinking of how your decisions can affect your family. Setting a good example for your kids will help them make smarter decisions.