x Dress-Lace Store Maternity Exclusive Shift Lace Dress with Drape Strap Back

Maternity fashions have never been more comfortable, yet so chic as the maternity clothing of today. Nothing says it better than this x dress-lace store shift style lace dress that adds a trend setter’s edge to fashion design. The front is comfortably commodious for the baby bump, yet loosely conforms to your figure. The technique is in a plunging back, with v-straps and loosely gathered fabric at the low point of the V. Made from ninety-seven percent polyester and three percent elastane, the fabric is machine washable, with a ready fit for all stages of pregnancy. Use the style guide for exact size. The dress is available for all small to large women.
Some features of this maternity exclusive shift lace dress with drape strap back include:
Draped back
Regular fit – true to size
Designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy
Machine wash