Brandywine Women’s Health Associates

At Brandywine Women’s Health Associates (BWHA) our Community Health Ambassadors program mission is to provide urban charter school family communities with health-related information and referrals to establish the groundwork for a community focused on wellness and cohesion support through channels of school community-based program participation. Through the Community Health Ambassadors program, BWHA is committed to improving the health and well-being of families across the greater Wilmington communities we serve.

Communities We Serve

The urban charter school communities that BWHA-Community Health Ambassadors will provide service are in the Greater Wilmington:

  • Center City Wilmington (Downtown) – 19801
  • Western Wilmington (Saint Francis Hospital Community) – 19806, 19805
  • Southeast Wilmington (New Castle- Route 9 Corridor) – 19720, 19806

What Health Ambassadors Provide

  • Drive urban school communities to online resources like DHMIC website (, home visiting programs, Delaware healthcare facilities.
  • Promote and facilitate the use and development of DHMIC’s social media platform for all educational campaigns e.g. Safe Sleep, Home Visiting, Help-Me-Grow 2-1-1, Storks Nest Program and ManUpPlanUp, etc.
  • Provide community members website tours during school sponsored events like: and to related sites as a tool to access health-related care and resources.
  • Provide health outreach and educational support at traditional and special events to inform communities about health-related topics in a creative way. This may include community forums related to parenting/behavioral health of parents and children.
  • Outreach to pregnant women and new parents and routinely refer them to Help Me Grow 2-1-1, phoneline for children, birth to 8 years, and their families.
  • Distribute and promote Help Me Grow materials through schools.
  • Partner with Storks Nest Program to connect women and new moms to the home visiting programs.
  • Build social capital within the greater urban school communities through connecting individuals with online information and social media in real time to promote health and disease prevention.

Events Calendar

  • PTA Meetings or School Events at Partner Urban Charter Schools – Kuumba, Prestige, Academia Antonio Alonso, Eastside Charter, Thomas Edison and transitioning schools – Reach Academy and Thomas Moyer and potentially the new Delaware Met Charter High School
  • Health and Job/Career Fairs
  • Faith-based and Community Service Organizations sponsoring events
  • Community Centers- and School-based “Teen Lounge” and ”Parents’ Connect” programs/events – open discussion and networking opportunities
  • Wellness Events- Walks for a Cause, Healthy Cooking Demos, Educational Learning Events.
  • City, County and State Sponsored Event Calendar.

February 25th– Open Mic Event and Presentation at Life Event Center
March 13th– Kuumba Academy Dinner and a Movie Night
March 20th– 5:30pm Kuumba PTA Meeting
March 20th – 6pm Mega Networking Event Riverfront
March 14th– Open House Eastside Charter
April 14th – Open House Eastside Charter
April 28th– Open House East Side Charter

Connect with Us:

Lisa Oglesby
Brandywine Women’s Health Associates
613 West 18th Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
302.658.8545 (office)