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2-1-1 HELP ME GROW: Kick Start Your Baby’s Development by Talking to Them!

2-1-1 HELP ME GROW: Kick Start Your Baby’s Development by Talking to Them!

February 24, 2017

Even before your child’s first words, they will develop their own unique way of communicating with you. As soon as your child is born start talking, singing and rhyming about anything and everything. Even before they walk or talk, babies learn by what they see, hear and feel. According to Zero to Three, most babies[…..]


June 20, 2016

Parents, it is okay to have tons of questions. We’re sure you are experiencing information overload. Your cousin may give you advice that goes against what your grandparents suggest. You trust your family, but how do you know what information is reliable? Delawarean parents have a contact line to call. It’s called Help Me Grow.[…..]

QT30: Halloween Costume Ideas for Dad and Little Ones

October 24, 2015

Set time aside to spend 30 minutes quality time with your son or daughter a day. One quality time activity you can do with your son or daughter is create a handmade Halloween costume together! What child doesn’t fantasize about flying through the air? Handmade superhero costumes are an easy way to save money, bond[…..]

Home Visiting: Every Mom and Mom to Be Should Understand Birth Spacing

September 14, 2015

Birth spacing is when a woman gives her body enough time to recover between pregnancies. A mother’s body needs to rest after pregnancy. Moms should wait at least 18 months after one baby is born before getting pregnant again. Sometimes mothers get pregnant too soon after giving birth. This makes it difficult for babies to[…..]

Call 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow

December 4, 2013

Delaware 2-1-1 was created to give you access to information on health and social services and community resources through an easy-to-remember phone number. When youCall 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow, you’ll be able to speak confidentially to a Help Me Grow Call Specialist who can help assess your situation and direct you to the people[…..]

2-1-1 Help Me Grow: Communicating Wants and Needs

November 20, 2013

If your baby is hungry or their diaper is wet, they will cry to get your attention. Over time, they learn to listen and understand your words, and begin to form words of their own.  Communication is not only verbal; it is physical as well. Eye contact and motions can often indicate if your child[…..]

Help Me Grow- Copy Kitten: Following a Parent’s Lead

October 30, 2013

As your child grows and develops, you should notice that they start to follow your lead. As an infant, this may be as simple as breastfeeding. When your baby is older, they will begin to mimic small actions, such as using utensils to eat. Problem solving skills evolve with time, from imitation as a toddler,[…..]